Thumper Percussion Massager

When it comes to quality thumper percussion massagers are the nation’s leading back massagers. There are lots of inexpensive cheapo models on the market that are underpowered and suffer from poor design. The Thumper Mini Pro 2 by comparison integrates professional strength direct drive technology which provides an unparalleled massage experience. The thumper mini is also specially designed to eliminate as much as 95% transfer vibration or “kickback” through the handle.

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This post was written by David White on January 31, 2009

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Thumper Massage Machine

For those of us who sit in front of a computer screen all day owning a massage machine like the thumper mini pro or the thumper versa pro is a great way to help relax tense muscles. Our bodies are designed for movement. When we sit at a desk for hours at a time it causes our blood and lymph to circulate more slowly this can lead to all sorts of health problems over time. One way to help minimize the effects of this sedentary work environment is by taking frequent short breaks  to stretch, move around and give yourself a quick back and shoulder massage with your thumper massager. The thumper versa pro can even be used while you’re working. Simply plug it in under your desk turn it on and enjoy a relaxing foot massage anytime you feel like you need it.  

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This post was written by David White on January 29, 2009

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Juicing Nutrition

Nutrition is every bit as important as exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a good diet can be every bit as hard as maintaining a good exercise routine. It is easy to get sidetracked by the countless fast food, fast coffee, and sweet treats out there. 

We all know the fast food is loaded with bad stuff that makes it taste good, and is not conducive with a healthy lifestyle. There are some obvious nutritional nightmares out there too. But the one that is often overlooked is the quick drinks (like coffee). Now, a regular cup of regular coffee is not so bad. But the flavored, syrupy, speciality coffee can be packed full of empty Calories. A lot more than you would think. Feel free to check the nutrition facts on the Starbucks website sometime. 

This brings us to juicers. A juicer is a great way to eliminate the preservatives, coloring, and unnecessary elements that most big companies put into their juices. Blending protein shakes is a great way to improve your workout results, but when you start juicing, a whole new world of nutrition opens up. Fruit juice, vegetable juice, delicious combinations of the best nature has to offer. 

Changing how you eat is an obvious dietary health advanatage, but be sure to not overlook what you drink too.

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This post was written by Joseph Mackay on January 28, 2009

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