Thumper Percussion Massager

When it comes to quality thumper percussion massagers are the nation’s leading back massagers. There are lots of inexpensive cheapo models on the market that are underpowered and suffer from poor design. The Thumper Mini Pro 2 by comparison integrates professional strength direct drive technology which provides an unparalleled massage experience. The thumper mini is also specially designed to eliminate as much as 95% transfer vibration or “kickback” through the handle.

As a special limited time offer we are giving away free shipping on all thumper massagers.

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This post was written by David White on January 31, 2009

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Give Your Feet a Break

The average person will walk over 65,000 miles during their lifetime. If you where to walk that distance in a straight line you would circle the earth 3 times! Now with all that walking it’s no wonder our feet get sore.

We all know that nothing feels quit as good to sore feet as getting nice long massage. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the money to hire a full time masseuse. But for the price of a couple visits to a good masseuse you can pick up the Thumper Versa Pro which is like having your own masseuse, only better . The Thumper Versa pro foot massager provides a professional massage, never gets tired and in the long run will cost you much less than regular visits to a massage therapist.    

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This post was written by David White on December 6, 2008

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10 Health Benefits of Massage

Aside from the fact getting a massage just feels really good there are actually some suppressing pretty surprising  health benefits.

1.       Massage reduces muscle tension and can help to reduce stress.


2.       Massage helps to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid throughout the body which has a cleansing effect.


3.       Many people find that massage is great at helping to reduce pain from things like fibromyalgia, arthritis and migraines.


4.       Helps to circulate fresh oxygen into your blood.


5.       Massage helps to maintain and improve flexibility of the joints.


6.       Massage improves your immune systems function making you more resistant to disease.


7.       Helps to reduce and alleviate muscle spasms and cramping.


8.       Helps to promote deeper breathing.


9.       Improves the health of your skin by stimulating blood flow.


10.   Massage also has an powerful calming effect on most people and fosters a relaxed peaceful state of mind.

The ideal form of massage is one given by a trained practitioner but this is not always practical and form many of us the cost is prohibitive. A much more economical way to reap the many benefits of massage is by owning a personal massager like the thumper mini pro which allows you to enjoy a deep relaxing professional quality massage anytime you need it.

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This post was written by David White on November 9, 2008

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