The Whale Therapeutic Back Bench

We just added the Therapeutic Whale Back Bench to our line of fitness equipment. Aside from being a beautifully built piece of furniture this back bench feels incredibly to stretch out on. Many of us have office jobs these days and spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen. The problem with this is that by spending all this time sitting down our backs naturally begin to hunch forward and stiffen up. This leads to both upper and lower back pain over time. The Whale therapeutic back bench is designed to help naturally and gently counter this effect,  improve flexibility and improve overall back fitness.

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This post was written by David White on January 3, 2009

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Basic Inversion With the OmGym

Today’s exercise is the basic inversion. The basic inversion is pretty simple to do and provides an excellent stretch to the upper and lower back while at the same time decompresses the spine.

To perform this stretch attach the hammock portion of the OmGym to the two suspension ropes. Then start by sitting in the hammock and gripping one of the medium length grips in each hand. While holding on to the hand grips slowly lean back in the hammock until you are laying flat with your legs dangling and arms supporting the weight of your upper body. From this position spread your legs so that as you lower yourself even further prevent you from slipping out of the hammock. After lowering yourself to about a 45 degree angle, relax your back and let your weight be supported by your hips and arms. You can stay in this position as long as is comfortable. To get out of this stretch simply pull yourself back into a seated position.

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This post was written by David White on December 5, 2008

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